Vector Portrait Illustration

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Vector Portrait Illustration

Mehul Kundu
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Need a perfect gift for you loved once on their next birthday? Gifting a portrait is certainly a great option. or may be you have achieved a life goal recently. Make it memorable, gift your self a portrait.

I can make great vector illustration portraits for you which will certainly blow your mind. You can see a few examples that I have included here. Cool right? I have included the actual photo as well just in case you wanna compare how perfect those illustrations are.

Requirements -

  • One high quality reference photo (I would suggest send me at least 3-4 photo that you like the most and I will help you decide which one will turn out to be the best)

  • As more faces added into the picture of your final product the quntity will increase. So choose wisely while ordering. (1 face = 1 qty, couple photo = 2 qty etc.)

  • Please mention the size of the portrait before hand
    Choose the size according to your desired final result that (you will be printing)
    There are 2 standard sizes -
    12 inch x 18 inch (aspect ratio 3:2)
    A3, A4 (aspect ratio 1:1.4142)

  • Around 1 week time (Time may vary according to the work load as well) if you wanna priority delivery of the work please consider adding a tip.


During the process -

  • I will keep you up-to-date about the progress by sending you screenshots.

  • You'll be in touch with me via chatting some platform while project is going on and will ask for inputs.

What is not included -

  • If the dress in the reference photo have fine details, or person in the photo is wearing some kind of jewellery or accessories that have fine details, expect that to be simplified in the final out come.
    Though if you want a pixel perfect portrait knock on my mail for a private VIP gig.(Subject line - Private VIP gig for Vector Portrait Illustration)

Terms and Condition -

  • Buyers are hereby informed that all orders taken may be used for promotional purpose in future.

  • Once the project started the amount is not refundable.

I want this!

You'll get a totally hand crafted digital vector portrait

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